“So many things, so little time.” — eaJ

10 days has passed. 2021 feels so fast.

I tried to evaluate myself, looking back to what things I’ve done for this last 10 days. Then, here I’m –noticed that I can’t keep my consistency in writing here, even for the very first 7 days in 2021.

If only I can force myself to be more consistent, I should be produced 10 posts here this year -then this should be the eleventh-, sadly it’s not.

Am I sad?

Of course! But I don’t want to take the gloomy feeling forever. I decided to let myself to take a break whenever I think it necessary to do.

Everything is ‘easy’ whenever you enjoy it, right?

So, take your time.

Take your time to read. Take your time to do what in your priorities. Take your time to rest. Take your time to holiday. Take your time to meet your family, friend or your boy/girlfriend. Take your time to do the other wonderful things. Take your time, guys.

We know there are so many things that should be done. But we also know that there are only 24 hours that we have a day. It is almost impossible to wrap all the things in one time.

Everything has its own right time to be done.

Chill and do what on your priority list is. Take your time. Enjoy your life.

🎧 Time of Our Life – DAY6

*English suka-suka, disunting ketika waras dan sempat.

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a walk to remember

a walk to remember

*English suka-suka, disunting ketika waras dan sempat.

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